Renee's Balloons and More

Renee’s Balloons and More

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My Services

Throwing a party for your little one? Make the celebration memorable with Renee’s Balloons and More. Serving Southern Sydney, New South Wales, I provide services ranging from balloon decorating to face painting. Browse below for a complete description of my services.

Balloon Décor

All balloon decorations including arches come in a wide variety of sizes, shapes and colours. The only limit is your imagination, so just tell me what you need and I will work on it! I can provide:

  • Large Balloon Arches – Starts at $250
  • Extra-Large Balloon Arches – Starts at $300
  • String of Pearls Balloon Arches – Starts at $80
  • Table Balloon Arches – Starts at $125
  • Balloon Columns – Starts at $70
  • Table Centrepieces – Starts at $10

  • Single Large Balloon Sculptures – Starts at $80
  • Balloon Bouquets – Starts at $10
  • Lolly Cup Balloon Toppers – Starts at $6
  • Balloon Clothing – Upon Request Only (Excluding Hats)
  • Balloon Twisting Starter Kit – $25

*Note: Helium balloons are also available.

Important Notes on Orders for Balloon Arches and Columns

Please keep in mind that when ordering balloon arches and columns, you are required to make an equipment deposit of $100. Do not worry as this is refundable.

Balloon arches are set up on the day of your event. Please allow me 3-4 hours to put up big balloon arches and large sculptures. I will also pack up the balloon decorations at a specified time.

Birthday Balloon Twisting Entertainer Party

Kids will enjoy an exciting event filled with fun and games. This party package features the following:

  • Freestyle Balloon Twisting 
  • Pre-Ordered Detailed Balloon Animal for the Birthday Celebrant
  • A Regular Balloon Figure Made for the Birthday Celebrant During the Event

  • Entertainment (Includes Juggling Performances and Jokes)
  • Party Games (Includes Statues, Parachute Games and Duck, Duck, Goose)
  • Free Option for Me to Dress up in a Character Costume


  • Party for a Minimum of 10 Children: 2.5 Hours | $250
  • Party for 15 Children: 3-3.5 Hours | $300

  • Party for a Maximum of 20 Children: 4-4.5 Hours | $350

*Note: I can accommodate smaller parties upon request. For these gatherings, I will charge festival rates for each balloon figure that I create.

Face Painting Party

This event is perfect for young artists and makeup enthusiasts alike. Children will definitely have a blast, whether they like regular face paints or want to try out special effects makeup. In turn, parents will have peace of mind knowing that:

  • Face Painting Is Done Using Only High-Quality Paints and Makeup Products
  • Materials Are Cleaned Before and After Each Painting Session


  • Party for a Minimum of 10 Children: 2.5 Hours | $250
  • Party for 15 Kids: 3-3.5 Hours | $300

  • Party for a Maximum of 20 Children: 4-4.5 Hours | $350

Safety Reminders

Unless I obtain permission from the parents, I will not paint on children below one year old. Likewise, special effects makeup is only for individuals aged 15 and above. I may do this makeup on younger kids provided that their parents allow me to.

To further reinforce safety precautions, kids who are sick may not get their faces painted. However, I can paint their hands as an alternative. I will also ask if your child has any allergies to face paints.

Special Package

Can’t get enough? Give your little one the best of both worlds and take advantage of my face painting and balloon twisting package! This is available upon request, so let me know if you want these two services at your party.

Make a Payment

I accept deposits and payments through PayPal. If you have any questions, please give me a call.